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Events at The Chequers Inn

In the heart of the majestic Peak District, nestled on Froggatt Edge, The Chequers Inn isn’t just a testament to time, but a living hub of vibrant events, community gatherings, and shared memories. From tales of George Marples and whispers of body snatchers, this historic establishment has always been at the heart of stories that matter.

Today, we continue this legacy, celebrating traditions and seasons, bringing people together through a calendar of curated events. Whether it’s the poetic cadences of Burns Night, the familial warmth of Mother’s Day, the hopeful spirit of Easter, the festive joy of Christmas, or the playful competitiveness of our Monthly Quiz Night, there’s always something happening at The Chequers.

Every gathering is a chance to dive into the past while creating new stories for tomorrow. So, whether you’re a history aficionado, a lover of gastronomic feasts, or someone seeking connection in a setting steeped in heritage, our events promise a tapestry of experiences.